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How can I privately share files with qBittorrent

Sometimes you may want to share files with your friends or officemates. qBittorrent provides you with this functionality. If you are interested in privately sharing, do the following steps:

Step 1: go to “Tools”, choose “Options”, then “Advanced”, and tick on “Enable the embedded tracker”. Also check that the tracker port is number 9000. You can change it, but it is usually a good practice to keep this default value.

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Step 2: go to “Tools and click on the “Create Torrent” option. You will be prompted to a window containing the necessary fields.

Step 3: select the local file or directory that you wish to share. Give each file a name related to its content. This will help others to understand what they are downloading. Also make sure that the directory only contains the file(s) that you want to share.

Step 4: type in the URL of your local tracker in the “Tracker URLs” field. The format will be “http://your_public_ip:9000/announce”. If you don’t know your public IP address, you can go to and find it there. If you have changed the tracker port number, use your value.

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Step 5: tick on the “Start seeding immediately” option. This will ensure that you don’t need to add this torrent later on.

Step 6: click on the “Create Torrent” button. You will be asked where to save the torrent file. Choose a folder that you like. You will see that a file with the extension .torrent will be created.

Step 7: send this .torrent file to your friends or colleagues, and they will be able to download the files you are sharing using a client torrent app.

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What is Magnetizer and how do I download and install it

As you may know, the Pirate Bay no longer accepts torrent files, but only magnets. These are files that contain a link to the site where the actual torrent file is located. The PirateBay has resorted to this method in order to avoid legal problems.

If you want to create a magnet for a torrent file, you can use a freely available application called Magnetizer. It was developed by the EvilMaster, and made available to the public on April 25, 2013. You only need to have a Windows operating system installed on your machine. In order to download and install it, do the following steps:

Step 1: go to and click on the download link. At the time of this publication the version available is 1.5. You will be asked where to store a zip file containing a Readme.txt file and a program. It is a good practice to check the files for viruses, as you should do with any download from an unknown site.

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Step 2: extract both files and read the Readme.txt file. The executable file is actually the app. Open it to check that it works properly. If you don’t find any problem, your copy of Magnetizer is ready for you to create magnets.

How to create a magnet from a torrent file with Magnetizer

Once you have Magnetizer on your machine, it is very easy to create a magnet for a torrent file. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: open Magnetizer by clicking on the executable file. You will be prompted to a simple user interface.

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Step 2: click on “Add .torrent(s)”. you will be prompted to a file search window, from where you can search for your .torrent file(s). Once selected, if the .torrent file is not corrupted, the data from the torrent file will be displayed on the app. Data includes: torrent file name, hash, tracker URL, number of files and file size. Check that the information is correct.

Step 3: right click on the torrent’s record and select “Copy to clipboard” from the menu. Then you can paste the content on a text editor, such as Notebook. The content will show the text of your magnet.

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An example of a magnet text is:


In this example, the URL corresponds to the tracker URL, and the shared file is named LucyTheCompleteSeries.cbr

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How to download and install uTorrent

uTorrent or μTorrent is a proprietary client torrent application developed by BitTorren Inc. There is a free version of the app and a paid one. In this tutorial we will work with the free version. Thus, if you are interested in this app and you want to install it, do the following:

Step 1: download the application’s installer from Save it in a trusted directory. Try to avoid other sites that may claim to own this app and ask for a fee. It is always better to use the official sources, particularly with apps that you are not sure how they work.

Step 2: open the installer. You will be asked to agree with the license and privacy policy. You may also encounter one or more optional additions, such as the Opera browser. If you are not interested in any of them, simply deselect the option. Next, you will be asked for the install options. Select the ones that interest you, and let the installer run.

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Step 3: open the program by clicking on its icon. Check if it opens correctly, and if you are satisfied with it, start sharing files.

How to create a magnet by using uTorrent

uTorrent helps you create a magnet from a torrent file. The main advantage of using this app is that it is well known, and that it has been on the market for a long time. So, if you have a torrent file, and you want to create a magnet, do the following actions:

Step 1: open uTorrent. You will be prompted to the UI of this app.

Step 2: on the main menu, choose “File”, and then “Add Torrent”. You will be directed to a search window. Select the torrent file and click on “Open”. The torrent will now be available under the “Torrents” menu item.

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Step 3: go to the “Torrents” section and right click on the torrent file record. A menu will appear. Select “Copy Magnet URI” from it. Now your magnet is available as a text to be pasted.

Note: if you use the same torrent file as shown in the example for Magnetizer, you will get basically the same text. There can be some small differences, such as an altered notation for “/” or other characters, but uTorrent and Magnetizer, both follow the standard notation.